Early bird registrations
27 May - 20 Aug 11:59 pm
Normal registration
20 Aug - 17 Sep 11:59 pm
Late registrations
17 Sep - 01 Oct 11:59 pm
Event dates 05 Oct - 06 Oct

The London Open

The London Open is an OJA Sanctioned Gi and No-Gi event.

2024 London Open GI and No-Gi

October 5th/6th at Saunders Secondary School

THIS EVENT IS A PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY! This event will be GI and No-Gi for Adults and Gi Only for Kids.  Divisions will be for all ages (starting at 4 yrs old), belts and weight classes


Event is sanctioned by Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association. All athletes are required to have a valid membership.

Note: If you have any issues or questions regarding OJA membership please email us at [email protected]


Tournament Dates

October 5th, 2024 - Adult Gi

October 6th, 2024 - Kid's Gi and Adult No-Gi

RULES: https://www.ontariojiujitsuassociation.com/bjj-tournament-rules/


BELT & AGE DIVISIONS (Note: Age divisions are based on Year of Birth)

Year of Birth               Age Division                         Belts

2019/2018              Kids 1                                  White, Grey

2017/2016              Kids 2                                  White, Grey, Yellow

2015/2014              Kids 3                                  White, Grey, Yellow

2013/2012              Youth 1                                 White, Grey, Yellow & Up

2011/2010              Youth 2                                 White, Grey, Yellow & Up

2009/2008              Teen                                     White, Grey, Yellow & Up

2007/2006              Juvenile                                White, Blue

2005 and before       Adult Male                            White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

2005 and before       Adult Female                         White, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black

1993 and before       Master 1                               White, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black

1983 and before       Master 2                               White, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black



Early Bird Price:

August 20th  Kids/Adults $80

Regular Price:

September 20th Kids/Adults $90

Late Registration Price:

October 1st  Kids/Adults $100

Adults- +$30 to add No-Gi Division 



Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 1st, 2024

Last day for Cancellations / Full Refunds: Tuesday, October 1st, 2024

Registration Check day (Athlete correction) deadline Wednesday, October 2nd, 2024

Schedule Release Date Friday, October 4th, 2024

Brackets Release Date Friday, October 4th, 2024



Seniors and Kids under 8 are Free


Coaches - please post this at your gym and refer your parents to this facebook group so they can be informed

-refer to smoothcomp for info / details / reminders / schedule / brackets

-check your emails as well for information

-arrive at the venue at least 1-1.5 hours before the division start time

-spectator fees are typically $10 (cash only) but price may vary from event to event - seniors and kids under 10 usually are free

-listen for your division called to the weigh ins - if you aren’t sure if you’ve been called yet - ask at the weigh in desk

-once you weigh in remain in the bullpen (holding area) until your division is called and the ring coordinator comes to get you

-weigh in is with the Gi on and there is a 1lb weight allowance

- footwear MUST be worn at all times when not competing on the mat

-Gi colours for teens, juveniles and adults are white, blue and black and must be clean and to the right specifications (length)

-NO rashguards or spats for boys/men under your Gi

-please keep your Gi on and tied up at all times when in the warm up and competition areas - even after your matches

-no jumping over the barricades

-once your division is done go to podium and wait for your medal presentation

-ONLY registered coaches with their coaches passes will be allowed matside to coach kids up to youth age 11 - coaching for teens 12 and up will happen outside the barricades

-parents/family members/friends must watch from outside the barricades for all ages - parents your children will be taken to the mats by a ring coordinator and you can follow them to their mat on the outside of the barricades (your child will be in full view at all times)

-no picture taking or video taping inside the barricades / matside by anyone (unless hired by the promoter) - athletes you may put your phone on a tripod on the scorekeepers table and video tape your matches that way

-IMPORTANT- we are trying to keep the mat areas as free from people as possible so the table runners, medics, etc can do their jobs easily - as well as for various other reasons which is why we have the rules for coaches/family members matside

-please be courteous and respectful to all event staff, volunteers etc. they are doing their very best to ensure the event runs smoothly - we have a lot of student volunteers so if there are any issues please speak to the chief official or tournament promoter/organizer

-the referees decision is final - if you have any questions please talk to the head referee or chief official at the event

-it is helpful for all athletes, coaches, parents etc. to know the jiu jitsu rules - the OJA is running rules courses on Friday nights before some tournaments so come and gain some knowledge

-want to become a referee or involved with the tournament scene or the Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association/OJA? contact Tony Isaacs ([email protected]) for more information - “many hands make light work”



  • Juvenile Boys Gi 90.40 CAD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 90.40 CAD
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 90.40 CAD
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 90.40 CAD
    18 years and above
  • Girls Gi 90.40 CAD
    4-15 years
  • Boys Gi 90.40 CAD
    4-15 years
  • Male NoGi 90.40 CAD
    18 years and above
  • Female NoGi 90.40 CAD
    18 years and above

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